Based in Chicago, Illinois, the law office of Adler Law Group focuses on the legal needs of corporate entities and offers services in the following areas:

  • Information Technology & Ecommerce
  • Corporation & Business Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Privacy & Security Law

The Firm is "Of Counsel" to two Chicago law firms allowing a greater variety of specialty services to be offered to the Firm's clients, including Tax, Employee Relations, Real Estate and Estate Planning.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the range of business, technology and intellectual property services we offer. Please feel free to call us at (866) 734-2568 should you have any questions.

Practice Areas

Information Technology & Ecommerce

Copyright, trademarks, software development and licensing, data security, taxation, and other legal services.

Corporation & Business Law
Contracts, new ventures, transactional law, corporate governance and management, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporate accountability, and other matters related to business law.

Intellectual Property Law
Copyright protection, trademarks, franchising; litigation, arbitration, mediation and other alternatives for resolving intellectual property disputes.

Privacy & Security Law
Digital business practices and services continue to present new challenges. Our law firm provides a range of services: privacy, document retention and security policies and compliance programs; security and data flow audits; government and regulatory agency compliance; structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements that involve data collection, storage, sharing and cross-border transfers.

Entertainment & Media Law

Entertainment and media law are terms applied to a mix of more traditional legal subjects. Because of the diverse subjects covered, services are often group along the following industries: Visual Arts & Design; Digital Media and New Technologies; Electronic Gaming; Literary Publishing & Print Media; Litigation; Licensing and Merchandising; Motion Pictures, Television, Cable, and Radio; Music and Personal Appearances; Sports; Theater and Performing Arts; Defamation & First Amendment.